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    Rules for the Board

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    Rules for the Board Empty Rules for the Board

    Post by Scep on Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:42 pm

    1. No excessive or hardcore swearing. Swearing is allowed under some circumstances but not all the time, and only certain words like lol and crap are allowed. Please don't abuse this privilege.

    2. No flaming, insulting or bashing another Member. No insulting them because of their gender/race/beliefs. If you do not agree with them keep it to yourself. Respect your fellow members. If you're having problems with someone else PM each other about it or PM a Mod/Admin so they can help you.

    3. Respect those above you: Admins, Moderators, ect... they have worked hard to get high in the ranks, so give them the respect they deserve.

    4. No spamming outside of the Spam section, and even in the Spam section there is a limit to how much you can spam. This includes posting short pointless posts that have nothing to do with the topic. Try to stay on topic at all times. And no flooding or trolling topics.

    5. No double posting, unless you need to bump a topic. If you need to say something else in your post but you just posted just use the Edit button. Also, don't bring back old worthless topics, unless it's something that can still be used, or if you're a new member who wants to reply to an old poll/topic.

    6. No posting Inappropriate, Sexual, Offensive, Violent, or Illegal content! This includes pictures or links to inappropriate websites or giving links to illegal MP3s or Music. Or giving links to illegal ROMs and Emulators(there is nothing wrong with discussing them).

    7. Try to post topics in their correct places, if you don't know where to post something, PM an Admin/Mod.

    8. If an Admin or Mod abuses their powers, notify me at once. Even though they worked hard for this rank, doesn't give them the right to abuse it.

    9. When quoting other people, please don't start a quote box chain! Keep the maximum number of quote boxes at 5, unless necessary.

    And last but not least have fun!

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