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    Iron Cross: Thy Name is Metagross


    Iron Cross: Thy Name is Metagross Empty Iron Cross: Thy Name is Metagross

    Post by Guest on Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:58 am

    Iron Cross: Thy Name is Metagross 376


    Clear Body:Here is basically THE greatest ability on a Metagross. This can basically threaten Intimidaters due to it keeping its hefty attack! Plus you won't have to deal with any backdrop effects like Sp. Def drop from a Shadow Ball and such.


    -Earthquake/Meteor Mash
    -Ice Punch
    -Rock Polish/Agility
    Item:Expert Belt/Leftovers/Life Orb
    Ability:Clear Body
    EVs and Nature:Adamant: 152 HP/252 Atk/104 Spd

    Here is a basic standard Metagross. Set up with Rock Polish/Agility, and then Sweep. Ice Punch is to remove any threat such as Salamence, Dragonite, and anything ground-type. Thunderpunch is used to rid yourself of any opposing water-types and if any, flying types. Meteor Mash is for STAB, but should hardly be used, due to hardly any Poke that is a major threat. Earthquake goes GREAT for killing any Infernapes and anything that can withstand any other one of its moves.

    -Ice Punch/Thudnerpunch
    -Stealth Rock
    Item:Shuca Berry/Occa Berry/Expert Belt/Leftovers
    Ability:Clear Body
    EVs and Nature:Adamant: 152 HP/252 Atk/104 Spd

    Same EV spread as above. Here, you either wanna go with Agility or Stealth Rock first. Use the other move you didn't use, and then just basically stall or force switch-outs with Earthquake and Ice Punch or Thunderpunch. Now, between the punches, its all your decision. Ice Punch deals nice damage to dragons and Thunderpunch can put up with water-types.

    Countering Metagross:
    Easier said than done with any fast taunter. All you really have to do is Taunt and then sit back. I'd suggest to taunt with Aerodactyl seeing as EQ can do a hefty sum of damage after a Taunt. They would either try to hold off or at least go for an attack. So, the best thing would be to make sure the Aerodactyl is sash'd and that nothing else can affect your outcome with taunt or that it doesn't fire up its Agility and start striking you.

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