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    - List of standard threat pokes -

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    - List of standard threat pokes - Empty - List of standard threat pokes -

    Post by lotteries on Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:50 pm

    THE LIST (revised, help from smogon):

    Offensive threats:

    Azelf: Psychic. 115 Base Speed, 125 Base Special Attack and Attack, Nasty Plot, "Levitate", Psychic, Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Thunderbolt, U-turn, Trick and Explosion.

    Breloom: Grass/Fighting. 130 Base Attack, 70 Base Speed. Spore is the best move in the game hands down, and "Poison Heal", which grants Breloom 12.5% HP Recovery (to Leftovers' 6.25%) when Poisoned (easy to accomplish with Toxic Orb), is arguably a top-five Ability when you consider it will grant Breloom immunity to other status as well. To complement these unique tools, Breloom can utilize Focus Punch, Seed Bomb, Mach Punch, Substitute, ThunderPunch, Superpower, Sky Uppercut, Stone Edge and Leech Seed.

    Celebi: Psychic/Grass. 100 Base in every stat, boasts Calm Mind, Swords Dance, Recover, Baton Pass, Psychic, Energy Ball/Grass Knot, Leaf Storm, Earth Power, Seed Bomb, Zen Heabutt, U-Turn, Heal Bell, Leech Seed, Trick, Perish Song and "Natural Cure".

    Dugtrio: Ground. 120 Base Speed, 80 Base Attack. Only used for its "Arena Trap" trait, which prevents all pokémon that aren't Flying types or that don't have the Levitate ability from switching, making Dugtrio's Choice Banded or Life Orbed Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Night Slash or Sucker Punch quick and efficient. Can even run Choice Scarf to revenge kill enemy Choice Scarfers. A "threat" because it can stop other threats like Tyranitar, Infernape and Raikou from running rampant, and makes you think twice about building a team loaded with pokémon Dugtrio can kill off easily.

    Electivire: Electric. 123 Base Attack, a unique Ability in "Motor Drive" that raises its speed by 1.5× whenever an electric attack is used on it, 95 Base Speed, and the ability, with a Thunderpunch/Cross Chop/Earthquake/Ice Punch moveset, to score a Super Effective Hit on 13 of the 17 pokémon types (all but Psychic, Ghost, Bug and Fighting types). Can also take advantage of his 95 Base Special Attack with attacks such as Thunderbolt, Flamethrower and Hidden Power Ice or Grass.

    Empoleon: Water/Steel. 86 Base Attack, 88 Base Defense, 111 Base Special Attack, 101 Base Special Defense, 60 Base Speed. Empoleon's plethora of resistances (12 to be exact) allow it to switch in frequently and use Surf, Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Agility, Swords Dance, Waterfall, Aqua Jet and Drill Peck. Easily the best abuser of "Torrent" thanks to his Sandstorm immunity and resistance to popular priority moves.

    Flygon: Ground/Dragon. 100 Base Attack, 80 Base Defense, Special Attack and Special Defense, 100 Base Speed. "Levitate," resistance to Stealth Rock and immunity to Sandstorm and Electric attacks offer plenty of oppurtunities for Flygon to switch in and use Earthquake, Outrage, U-Turn Stone Edge, Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Fire Punch and Roost. Can also utilise Choice Band or Choice Scarf to great effect.

    Gengar: Ghost/Poison. 130 base Special Attack, 110 Base Speed and "Levitate". Its fantastic movepool includes: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Hypnosis, Trick, Focus Blast, Will-o-wisp, Energy Ball and Destiny Bond. Poor 65 Base Attack but can abuse the high base powers of Focus Punch and Explosion to hit special walls.

    Gliscor: Ground/Flying. 95 Base Attack, 125 Base Defense, 95 Base Speed. Can use "Hyper Cutter" to block Intimidate or "Sand Veil" to grab an Evasion boost if Sandstorm is present. Great resistances and Defense allow Gliscor to make good use of Earthquake, Swords Dance, Ice Fang, Stone Edge, U-Turn, Roost, Rock Polish, Taunt and Baton Pass.

    Gyarados: Water/Flying. 125 Base Attack, 100 Base Special Defense, 95 Base HP, Dragon Dance, "Intimidate", fantastic typing, and physical STAB in Waterfall and Bounce to replace its lost physical Hidden Power Flying from Advance. Also boasts Stone Edge, Earthquake, Ice Fang and, possibly its most threatening move, Taunt, which now lasts 3-5 turns instead of always two.

    Heatran: Steel/Fire. 130 Base Special Attack, 106 Base Defense and Special Defense, 77 Base Speed, 90 Base Attack. Can utilize its "Flash Fire" ability to boost its Overheat, Fire Blast and Flamethrower. Also boasts: Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, Metal Sound, Lava Plume and Explosion. Unique typing grants him many oppurtunities to switch in making him a perfect candidate for either Choice Specs or Choice Scarf.

    Heracross: Bug/Fighting. 125 Base Attack, an Ability in "Guts" that raises its attack by 1.5× when afflicted with a status condition (PAR, BRN, PSN, SLP), 85 base Speed, 95 base Special Defense, and a great physical movepool, including, of most importance: Close Combat, Megahorn, Stone Edge/Rock Slide, Pursuit, Swords Dance, Night Slash, Facade, Sleep Talk, Endure and Reversal. Can also utilize Choice Scarf to boost its average speed to surprise enemies.

    Infernape: Fire/Fighting. Nasty Plot, Swords Dance, 108 Base Speed, 104 Base Attack and Special Attack, and a very, very diverse movepool, including, of most importance: Close Combat, Flamethrower, Hidden Power Ice, Grass Knot, Flare Blitz, Thunderpunch and Stone Edge.

    Jirachi: Psychic/Steel. 100 Base in every stat, boasts Calm Mind, Psychic, Grass Knot, Thunderbolt, Wish, U-Turn, Reflect, Thunder Wave, Iron Head, Body Slam, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Trick, Zen Headbutt and greatly benefits from "Serene Grace".

    Kingdra: Water/Dragon. 95 Base Attack, Defense, Special Attack and Special Defense, 85 Base Speed, 75 Base HP. Sports two fun abilities in "Swift Swim", which doubles its speed in the rain, and "Sniper", which grants its critical hits 3× power instead of 2×. Among the most effective moves for Kingdra are: Rain Dance, Surf, Waterfall, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Substitute and Yawn. It's worth noting that with Swift Swim, the single turn it takes to set up Rain Dance will not only double Kingdra's speed but boost both its physical and special Water-type moves one stage, which makes both Life Orb and Mystic Water look great on it.

    Latias: Dragon / Psychic: 110 base Special Attack, 110 base Speed, 80 base HP, 90 base Defense, 130 base Special Defense. Quite bulky on the special side and reasonably durable on the physical side it can easily switch in on a many Pokemon and threaten them with a powerful STAB Draco Meteor. Also can utilized a variety of other special moves such as: Dragon Pulse, Surf, Thunderbolt, and Grass Knot. Can utilize Calm Mind with one of its recovery options to set up a sweep. Also has Trick as its disposal.

    Lucario: Fighting/Steel: 110 Base Attack, 115 Base Special Attack, 90 base speed. Its obscene movepool includes: Close Combat, Swords Dance, Crunch, Ice Punch, Stone Edge, Endure, Reversal, ExtremeSpeed, Aura Sphere, Vacuum Wave, Bullet Punch, Agility, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power Ice and Dragon Pulse.

    Machamp: Fighting. 130 Base Attack, 90 Base HP, 80 Base Defense, 85 Base Special Defense. Already a viable threat with "Guts", Machamp's "No Guard" gives all of its attacks — and its opponents' — 100% accuracy, which is great news for its Dynamicpunch which causes all sorts of problems for potential counters with it's 100% confusion rate. Cross Chop and Stone Edge also benefit. Machamp also has Close Combat, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Payback, Bullet Punch and Bulk Up at its disposal.

    Magnezone: Electric/Steel. 115 Base Defense, 130 Base Special Attack, 90 Base Special Defense, 60 Base Speed. Primarily used for its "Magnet Pull" ability which allows it to prevent opposing Steel-types from switching out of battle. Boasts the strongest STAB Thunderbolt in the game and often compliments it with Hidden Power Ice. Other common moves include Substitute, Magnet Rise, Explosion, Thunder Wave and Metal Sound.

    Mamoswine: Ice/Ground. 130 Base Attack, 80 Base Speed, 70 Base Special Attack. Boasts one of the strongest STAB Earthquakes in the game, which, coupled with its STAB Ice Shard and Avalance, grant it great physical STAB coverage. Stone Edge, Ice Fang, Curse, Superpower and Blizzard round out the main options of a monster that works very well with a Choice Band.

    Metagross: Steel/Psychic. 135 Base Attack, 130 Base Defense, 80 Base HP, 70 Base Speed, 95 Base Special Attack, 90 Base Special Defense. Doesn't need a Choice Band to wreak havoc with moves like Meteor Mash, ThunderPunch, Ice Punch, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt, Agility/Rock Polish, Trick, Explosion, Grass Knot and Pursuit. Its "Clear Body" prevents its stats from being lowered, most notably by Intimidate.

    Ninjask: Bug/Flying. 90 Base Attack, 160 Base Speed, an Ability in "Speed Boost" that raises its speed by one stage every turn. Among its main options: Substitute, Swords Dance, Baton Pass, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor, U-Turn and Protect. Mainly a threat on full-fledged Baton Pass teams that utilize Ingrain to keep both it and stat-ups from getting Whirlwinded away, but Ninjask can probably beat you in the right hands anyway if you don't have Haze, Taunt, Roar or Whirlwind handy.

    Porygon-Z: Normal. 135 Base Special Attack, 90 Base Speed, two unique Abilities in "Adaptability" that makes its Same Type Attack Bonus 2× instead of 1.5× and "Download" which grants Porygon-Z +1 Special Attack if the opponent's Defense is higher than his Special Defense. Nasty Plot, Tri Attack, Shadow Ball, Recover, Agility, Hidden Power Fighting for Rock and Steel types and the ability to use Trick to screw over special walls.

    Rhyperior: Ground/Rock. 115 Base HP, 140 Base Attack, 130 Base Defense and a Rock typing that grants him a 1.5x boost to his Special Defense when in a Sandstorm. "Solid Rock" reduces the damage taken by super-effective attacks by 1/4. STAB Earthquake and Stone Edge are the mainstay attacks of any offensive Rhyperior with Megahorn, Aqua Tail, Fire Punch, Swords Dance and Rock Polish available to compliment them.

    Roserade: Grass/Poison. 125 Base Special Attack, 95 Base Speed, 105 Base Special Defense. Has Leaf Storm, Sludge Bomb, Sleep Powder, Weather Ball, Leech Seed, Spikes (illegal with Sleep Powder), and Toxic Spikes. Further, the constant switching associated with using a rather handy Choice Scarf or Choice Specs makes "Natural Cure" a great ability on Roserade.

    Rotom-A: Electric/Ghost. 50 Base HP, 107 Base Defense and Special Defense, 105 Base Special Attack. Rotom-As fabulous typing combined with "Levitate" makes it pretty tough to kill. Works very well with or without Choice Specs or Choice Scarf and has an excellent movepool that includes Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Will-o-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Charge Beam and Trick. Depending on which variant of Rotom-A is used it also has access to one of Air Slash, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Leaf Storm or Overheat.

    Salamence: Dragon/Flying. 135 Base Attack, 110 Base Special Attack, 100 Base Speed, "Intimidate", and the ability, with either Choice Band or Choice Specs, to hit EXTREMELY hard off the bat from both ends of the damage spectrum. Besides Dragon Dance, its large movepool includes: Draco Meteor, Outrage, Earthquake, Rock Slide/Stone Edge, Brick Break, Flamethrower/Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Dragon Pulse and Roost.

    Scizor: Bug/Steel. 130 Base Attack, 100 Base Defense, 65 Base Speed. Makes great use of its new "Technician" ability, which grants a 1.5× boost to all attacks 60 Base Power or less most notably to Bullet Punch, and can still benefit from "Swarm" which grants the same boost to Bug-type Attack when at 33% or less HP. Scizor's decent movepool includes, X-Scissor, U-Turn, Superpower, Brick Break, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Agility, Baton Pass, Reversal and Roost. It very much welcomes the benefits of Life Orb and Choice Band.

    Snorlax: Normal. 160 Base HP, 110 Base Attack and Special Defense, 65 Base Defense. With Curse, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Pursuit, Return/Frustration/Body Slam, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Selfdestruct and Crunch, Snorlax can contend with Skarmory a little better in this generation. Its "Thick Fat" Ability still halves the damage from Fire and Ice attack, and Rest can annoy you with or without Sleep Talk if you're not prepared.

    Starmie: Water/Psychic. 115 Base Speed, 100 Base Special Attack and "Natural Cure". Can work very well with or without Choice Specs thanks to a great movepool that includes: Surf, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Recover, Rapid Spin and Trick. Its adequate, somewhat-overlooked 85 base Defense and Special Defense make it a surprisingly durable threat with Recover.

    Suicune: Water. 100 Base HP, 90 Base Special Attack, 115 Base Defense and Special Defense, 85 Base Speed. Calm Mind, Surf, Ice Beam, Roar, Rest and Sleep Talk with its "Pressure" Ability make this virtually unchanged threat from Advance just as hard to beat in DP if you're not ready. Suicune's natural bulk also allows him to use a Life Orb and invest heavily in his Special Attack and Speed to run a more offensive set than what was seen in ADV.

    Togekiss: Normal/Flying. 120 Base Special Attack, 115 Base Special Defense, 80 Base Speed, and an Ability in "Serene Grace" that doubles the extra effects of moves that have them. Its movepool includes: Nasty Plot, Air Slash (60% flinch with "Serene Grace"), Aura Sphere, Wish/Softboiled/Roost, Thunder Wave (or Body Slam to paralyse foes immune to Thunder Wave), Baton Pass, Tri Attack (illegal with Nasty Plot), Trick and Grass Knot. Can also utilise a Choice Scarf set to further abuse Air Slash's flinch rate.

    Tyranitar: Rock/Dark. Choice Banded Crunch, Stone Edge/Rock Slide, Pursuit, Earthquake and Aqua Tail from 134 Base Attack. Tyranitar can also boast Dragon Dance or 101 HP Substitutes and utilize Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Flamethrower/Fire Blast with 95 Base Special Attack and great all around defenses. Its "Sand Stream" also limits the durability of non-Rock, -Steel and -Ground Types, while also boosting by 1.5× the Special Defense of itself and all other Rock type pokémon.

    Weavile: Dark/Ice. 120 Base Attack, 125 Base Speed, Swords Dance, Night Slash, Ice Punch, Brick Break and a STABbed Pursuit and Ice Shard make this a threat with or without Choice Band.

    Yanmega: Bug/Flying. 116 Base Special Attack, 95 Base Speed, 86 Base HP and Defense. Has two very useful abilities in "Tinted Lens", which doubles the power of NVE (not very effective) hits, and "Speed Boost". Yanmega can use Air Slash, Bug Buzz, Hypnosis, Protect, and Choice Specs, Choice Scarf or Focus Sash very well.

    Zapdos: Electric/Flying. 125 Base Special Attack, 100 base Speed, 90 Base HP, Attack and Special Defense, 85 Base Defense. With Thunderbolt, Roost, Discharge, U-turn, Heat Wave, Hidden Power Ice or Grass, Substitute, Agility, and Baton Pass, Zapdos can be quite the nuisance, not to mention how well it can use Rest/Sleep Talk with its "Pressure" Ability.


    Defensive threats:



    Copy / Paste into a document and look it over before you start testing a team. You can print and make copies of the list if you want.

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