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    Cloning Pokemon in Emerald Version

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    Cloning Pokemon in Emerald Version Empty Cloning Pokemon in Emerald Version

    Post by Haruka on Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:42 pm

    ***Note: You have to have access to the Battle Frontier to do this glitch, which means you must have already beaten the Elite Four.***

    1. Go to the Battle Tower PC.
    2. Deposit up to 5 Pokemon that you want to clone into an empty box.
    3. Save the game.
    4. Withdraw the Pokemon
    5. Go to the Link Multi Battle Rooms (The lady at the desk, closest to you and the PC)
    6. Talk to her. Choose any two Pokemon to enter in Open Level. (these do not have to be ones you are cloning)
    7. When she asks you to Save, say yes.
    8. When the save screen comes up and says "Would you like to save the game?" Turn the power off.

    9. Turn the game back on. If it was done right, you should be in front of the lady. Go to the PC and check the box. The Pokemon should be there, as well as in your party!

    Extra information:

    This also clones any items the Pokemon was holding. For example, If I cloned a Rayquaza holding Leftovers, I would have the Rayquaza holding Leftovers in my party, as well as in the PC. This glitch just copies the data, so the clone will have the exact same stats, moves, etc. If it had Pokerus, the clone will have it as well.

    You must deposit them into an empty box.

    You can use the 'move Pokemon' option when depositing and withdrawing.

    You can repeat this process as much as you want. It does NOT mess up your game, corrupt data, or give you glitches.


    When you are withdrawing Pokemon, make sure you do NOT deposit any more, because you will lose it/them!

    If all of these steps are done correctly, you will have cloned Pokemon. You can clone any Pokemon, and as many as you want. If you didn't know how to clone Pokemon in Emerald version, now you do! This is the safest way to clone Pokemon out of all of the games.

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