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    Posting and BBC codes

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    Posting and BBC codes Empty Posting and BBC codes

    Post by Scep on Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:49 pm

    Well, these boards aren't the same?
    They use HTML, but it's easier to use BBC.

    Anyway the buttons above the message body help.
    But let me explain a bit more clearly what each button does....

    B: Makes things Bold.
    I: Makes things Italic.
    U: Makes things Underlined.
    S: I'm here to steal your money
    .... Okay, then, it crosses things out. My joke.
    Next are the buttons with the lines.
    They make text centered, aligned to the left or right, or justify things so it would be evenly centered.
    this is left
    this is center
    this is right
    This is Justified.

    After that are the bullets and numbering.
    The bullets put bullets and the numbers add numbers.
    Handy for lists.

    • This
    • Is
    • How
    • It
    • Works.

    1. This
    2. Is
    3. How
    4. It
    5. Works.

    The one with a blue bar is a line break.
    It looks just like this, and it breaks things up quite nicely:

    The "Quotes" are the talking boxes. They quote things from users and other places.
    I did not quote this from myself.
    You can also quote from someone.
    War-Rock wrote:Yes, I purposely quoted myself to show you how this works.
    The one with the sheet and the two arrows is Code Display.
    It's kinda like a Text Area, where you can write a BBC or HTML code.
    <center>This is where your code would go, alright?</center>
    The one next to the Code Display is to insert a table, like shown below.
    You type in how many columns (up and down) and how many rows (side to side).
    How itWorks.

    You see that little box with the box inside with the tree?
    That inserts an Image in here.
    So you can see a picture in here.
    Like so:
    Posting and BBC codes Zomutt
    The Chain is to hyperlink text.
    Show the link exactly, or you can just do one of those click here things.
    This works too.
    The F on the paper inserts a flash.
    Like a flash games you play on Neo, y'know?
    Sadly, I'm not going to explain it that well.
    I don't know how to put flashes here.
    The film thing in to insert a video!
    Videos from youtube.
    You type in the url, and press ok:

    Sometimes it doesn't work, so you're better off using [youtube] instead.

    These next ones are about font color, size, and font.
    I shouldn't get into this much.
    You guys should know this.

    Well, that's all the uses of these codes.
    Here's a Code Display showing all the codes and how to write them.
    [strike]strike out[/strike]
    [left]Align Left[/left]
    [center]Align Center[/center]
    [right]Align Right[/right]
    [justify]Objection! (Justify text)[justify]
    [list][*]list with bullets (Add a * for a new bullet)[/list]
    [list=1][*]list with numbers (Add a * for a new Number)[/list]
    [quote="user"]quote from someone on the boards[/quote]
    [code]Code Display[/code]
    [img]Insert an Image[/img]
    [url=web address]Hyperlink Text[/url]
    [size=x-small]Font size[/size]
    [color=red]Font color (you can also use HEX colors)[/color]

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