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    Rules for the General Section

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    Rules for the General Section Empty Rules for the General Section

    Post by Purugly on Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:19 pm

    Alright then.

    What with the recent interest in the revival of EPL, I've decided to write down a few rules.
    Now, even though this is the General RP section, the rules will be very similar.
    You all should know the basic rules of roleplaying, but I shall include some of the more important ones here anyway.

    because i'm a horrible person, most, if not all, of these rules will be c+p'd from other sites.

    1. No godmoding or powerplaying: godmoding is the act of making a charrie that is incincible and without a weakness. No powerplaying either, thats when you take control of someone elses charrie.

    2. Use an ooc: What's an ooc? Ooc stands for Out of Character. So when do you use an ooc? Say you have to say 'I gotta go, see you later'. But you would either put 'ooc: I gotta go, see you later' or ((I gotta go see you later)). Either way is fine, but be sure to use one!

    3. No chatspeak: Chatspeak is saying things like 'r u thar' or 'I am l337 I pwn u'. Most rpers tolerate brb, g2g, and so on, but just as long as they are in an ooc.

    Other Notes:
    "One-on-One--- As the name suggests, one-on-one is a kind of roleplaying where the only people are you and one another, you're rp partner. One on One is a good way to develop your skills with someone on the same level. One on one is usually semi literate and up and its a good place for long term RPs.
    Group Rps--- The more common of the two, group rps are when you rp with around 4-7 people. This in turn makes the rp interesting with a variety of characters. This may make it confusing, however, if all characters are talking to just one. These are also usually a one time show, as its hard to round up the rpers a second time. The plot usually isn't long or too confuzing, but in one on one long term theres always room for plot twists. In Group RPs you often have but one charrie, whilst in one on ones you can double, or triple up, meaning you have more then one charrie"
    Please note that this is the General Section. Any roleplay that is not solely focused in the "Pokemon universe" should be placed in here. Any "crossover" roleplay should be done in here too.

    Other rules will be added as I see fit. I do realize that these are incomplete.

    Do not whine if you do not like them.
    Do not complain if you do not like them.
    If you have issues with them, please PM me and we will talk about it.

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