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    Gary Oak
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    #1 on Forumotion: PokemonBattlePalace Empty #1 on Forumotion: PokemonBattlePalace

    Post by Gary Oak on Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:38 pm

    #1 on Forumotion: PokemonBattlePalace Befunk11

    Welcome to the official advertising thread for the Official #1 Pokemon-based website in all of Forumotion, PokemonBattlePalace. Whether you're a veteran or a beginner, we have lots of great stuff to do, such as battling some of the best Trainers around, and if you're looking to get better, we also have a Trainer's School led by D-RoC to help you reach your full potential and be the best you can be. We have many other things to do besides battling as well, such as playing Games, discussing anything you can imagine, partaking in our weekly Posting War Madness or our Pokemon of the Week, jumping into the competitive discussions everywhere or getting your team rated by the pros, and so much more ! We also have a Pokemon Battle League that you can challenge to see if you have what it takes to become the best of the best on the entire site ! We recently remodeled the entire site, and so if you would like to find some older interesting topics to post in, Former Topics is your forum. We also host Monthly Tournaments with unmatched prizes, and really there is so much you can do there I'd rather just list the main stuff like I did and have you join to see the rest !

    NOTE: Not all the forums are visible to Guests, so to get the full experience of the site do register and join us. And when you do join us, don't forget to introduce yourself in the Introductions/Farewells forum !

    We also have a live streaming Chatbox at the top of the home page, where you can talk to and meet up with all sorts of friendly people. Don't delay, join the biggest and fastest-growing Forumotion-based Pokemon Community today !

    pokemonbattlepalace. forumotion. com/

    Any questions or comments regarding the site ? Post them here as well !

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