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    Team Building Guide

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    Team Building Guide Empty Team Building Guide

    Post by Scep on Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:10 pm


    Lemme get this outta the way, Mewtwo is a sweeper. A sweepers job is to dish out as much damage as possible, as fast as possible. Normally, you'd place their attacks based on which of their stats is higher, Special Attack, or Attack. In mewtwos case both are grossly high, but its easy to see that Sp. Attack is dominant.

    For a physical sweeper:
    Ghost (yes ghost is physical)

    For a special sweeper:

    Sweepers are the most widely used, and they usually have some attack that will highly boost their stats like in Mewtwo's case, Amneisia. Also for a chance of the foe not using a move and slowing it down, a Raichu could use Thunder Wave as its first move.

    Some physical sweepers

    10. Scizor
    9. Metagross
    8. Gallade
    7. Rampardos
    6. Heracross
    5. Dragonite
    4. Garchomp
    3. Salamence
    2. Weavile
    1. Tyranitar
    Those are not in ANY order at all just that their all great choices

    Some special sweepers

    10. Empoleon
    9. Forsslass
    8. Glaceon
    7. Starmie
    6. Porygon-Z
    5. Heatran
    4. Alakazam
    3. Gengar
    2. Houndoom
    1. Kingdra

    Defense is not normally a sweepers key stat, which leads to the next section...


    Tanks, as the title states, are meant to survive sweepers long enough to faint them. The key stats for a Tank are; Hp, Defense, and Special Defense. The general strategy for a Tank is to WASTE TIME, and pound the opposing team. Generally, a Tank is supposed to go up against a pokemon with high Attack, and depending on which style of attack, use that style of Defense Tank to defeat it. If that made no sense, then if a pokemon uses Attack (ex: Toxicroak) then use Defense, and if a pokemon uses Sp. Attack (ex: Mewtwo) then use Sp. Defense. Theres usually a move to make a Tank more effective at staying, for example the Regi family can use Curse which raises Defense and Attack at the price of Speed (which Tanks arent normally good in anyways).

    Some Example Tanks

    1. Snorlax
    2. Blissey
    3. Bronzong

    Because of Tanks massive HP and Defense stats they can last a pretty long time in battle am i right? That leads to our next section...


    Some pokemon are just built to annoy you and your team as much as possible. Ludicolo is a perfect example, a Grass/Water type. How many types can be super effective on him? Electric you say? Nope canceled out by Grass. And Fire? Well Water burns out Fire. That's right only a few (Poison and Flying) can hit him hard but when they hit him its not really hard on Ludicolo, making a super effective hit very rare.

    He also has a variety of strategies to use for him. For example get a Ludicolo with Rain Dish Ability, the move Rain Dance, stick Leftovers on him and run Leech Seed, and Dive and viola, one you kill the enemy, but more importantly you suck his hp and give it to yourself.

    There's much more possibilities, but you get the picture. Anyway, an Annoyers moveset is built around what will annoy the most for. Since these pokemon don't have great defense to survive Sweepers, this makes a great triangle of safety.


    Some pokemon don't really fall into groups well, such as ditto which uses Transform to do on the spot battles, And Smeargle (heads up APM) which can use almost any moveset due to Sketch. Wobbufet, although it is considered "uber" has high HP and can only learn counter moves.

    Then there's your own batle strategies that you can make up. The possibilities are endless. Say you have a Houndoom, an easy Sweeper, a great strategy is to put Sunny Day and Solarbeam on it, a great combo for any Special Sweeper, plus Flamethrower. But also make sure you get Crunch, but your opponent could anticipate a dark move and send in Heracross to Megahorn you, but this is where your anticipation comes in, you could use pursuit and that makes it so powerful that's its close to a OHKO. Any pokemon can have a strategy like this, use your brain, And here's where i leave you for now until I find more info.

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