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    adventures in photoshop


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    adventures in photoshop Empty adventures in photoshop

    Post by Vanessa on Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:10 pm

    in the long time i've been gone from here i've done two things
    • stopped using capital letters in most situations
    • made a few basic edits in photoshop

    like 99% of my stuff was really just me trying to make my itunes a prettier place to replace single/album covers that i wasn't totally in love with, so they do come with audio in mind (for easy access to the covers + their respective songs you might want to check out my tag for them on tumblr idk)

    Justify My Love
    adventures in photoshop Tumblr_mczrp2JxfR1rrdovpo1_1352083020_cover

    The Girlie Show
    adventures in photoshop Tumblr_mcvu52c7ie1rrdovpo1_1351901104_cover

    adventures in photoshop Tumblr_mcu5p1D5Vi1rrdovpo1_500

    Breath Of Life
    adventures in photoshop Tumblr_mctrxkYXdQ1rrdovpo1_1351800530_cover

    adventures in photoshop Tumblr_mcryyihgvy1rrdovpo1_1351716365_cover

    Remain Nameless
    adventures in photoshop Tumblr_mcq4owNjUs1rrdovpo1_1351630445_cover

    I Was Here
    adventures in photoshop Tumblr_mcmz5vsIzf1rrdovpo1_1351483347_cover

    Marry The Night
    adventures in photoshop Tumblr_mcmxkf8VoU1rrdovpo1_1351481269_cover

    End Of Time
    adventures in photoshop Tumblr_mckzyh6NGq1rrdovpo1_1351394216_cover

    long story short i enjoy messing around in photoshop (i also make gifs but so far they've all been inside jokes so i won't waste time with those, but i'll post any new ones that aren't)

    hopefully i can make them more often + be more active here in general even if it's been dead (it used to be so much fun wow)
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    adventures in photoshop Empty Re: adventures in photoshop

    Post by Silver on Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:57 am

    What, dead people can't be fun? XD

    And maybe it's because I don't know any better, but those look pretty legit to me. Like, I can't even tell what you 'shopped on them, so whatever changes you made are pretty good.

    ^The words of a guy with no idea how Photoshop works. tl;dr They look legit, awesome.

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