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    How to add an Avatar / Signature

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    How to add an Avatar / Signature Empty How to add an Avatar / Signature

    Post by Scep on Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:02 pm

    Another guide to the forums. Whoo.

    Well, if you don't have a clue about these things, this is how you add an avatar.

    You click on Profile on the bar, and it takes you to your account information.
    Then you click on the words that say "Avatar" on the right.
    It takes you to a place for your avatar control panel.
    Remember, avatars can be any size, as long as the height does not exceed 150px and the width does not exceed 150 px. It's that way to make a square, first of all, and to not stretch the post that much if you're not going to write much.
    And if your image is too big, grab a calculator to see how much you need to reduce (in MS paint, just press Ctrl + E to see how many pixels your avatar is) and you can head to this website to shrink it perfectly.
    Also, the avatar can't be more than 64 KB.
    Less bandwidth to use up, I guess.

    How to add a Signature

    Basically the same thing as you did with the Avatar, you click on Signature in your Profile section.
    You can add text and images.
    Just don't add too much images.
    It gets really annoying.

    And then the siggy shows right below your text every time.

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